Eurovision 2013: 1st Semi-Final Results

Last night saw the first Semi-Final of the 2013 Eurovision song contest. There were 16 countries that took part last night, and only 10 of them could make it through to the live final this Saturday.

The show started with a montage of the journey from Baku, the host city of the 2012 contest, to Malmo. The show then began with a Swedish children choir singing & signing the song which brought the contest back to Sweden. They were joined by the winner Loreen walking along a suspended catwalk from the arena ceiling, eventually stepping off stage into the crowd. Then host Petra Mede began the proceedings & all 16 countries performed.

The vote lines were opened, votes were cast, counted & verified & then the 10 countries which made it through to the final were announced. And here is the list of those lucky ones (this is the list in which they were announced as finalists).

1 – Moldova
2 – Lithuania
3 – Ireland
4 – Estonia
5 – Belarus
6 – Denmark
7 – Russia
8 – Belgium
9 – Ukraine
10 – The Netherlands

Some shocks in the list, including The Netherlands who make their first appearance in the finals since 2005 & Lithuania . . . well all I can say is if you watch the final, keep an eye on his eyebrows.

The second semi-final takes place o Thursday where 17 countries compete for the final 10 places. Check here for the list of performers, and check back here on Friday for the announcement of who will compete along with the list above, the big 6 (France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden & United Kingdom) to take the title of winner of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

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